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Playlist of The Living Street's Best Songs

Baylee Avery | July 9th, 2021

The Living Street are a folk-rock duo based out of Pittsburgh, PA. The duo consists of best friends, Nick Guckert (vocals and guitar) and Edward J. Angelo (vocals and bass). Their songs have a very comforting, smooth and calming vibe to them and it’s easy to just get so into their music. Not to mention, their music is the kind of music that can put you in a good mood.

At this point, it’s safe to say that this is a band that you should be on the lookout for because these guys have a bright future in the music industry. If you like folk-rock with a combination of pop and indie, you’ll love this band. So without further ado, let’s get to this playlist of some of their best songs. Click to view full article

July 28th, 2020

The Living Street_Design 11_7_17.png

The Living Street
Recommended by Greg Joseph, bassist in The Clarks

Pittsburgh City Paper | June 19th, 2019

“The Living Street are the hardest working musicians in Pittsburgh. These guys are doing the hard work to market, promote, and tour. They have a great new album coming out; it’s produced by one of Pittsburgh’s best producers, Jake Hanner. Why haven’t you seen them locally? They are always on the road looking at the big picture.”

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The Living Street Releases Their Calming Track
"This Time Around"

Buzz Music – Los Angeles, CA | March 16th, 2019

The Living Street is an indie-folk duo from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They formed in July of 2017, and the duo consists of guitarist/vocalist Nick Guckert and bassist/vocalist Edward J. Angelo. Both Guckert and Angelo grew up in a small town outside of Pittsburgh less than a mile away. They both have been passionate about music from an early age, but they didn’t cross paths until they met in school sports. Guckert and Angelo share a collaborative bond that they have been fostering for many years through various bands and projects in high school. After a decade of writing on and off, they decided to bring their music back to basics as a simple and honest acoustic duo. Their first album, “The Living Street”, was released in January 2018, and they subsequently played 60 shows on an east coast tour spanning 10,000 miles. The Living Street continues to tour the U.S.A. while working on a follow-up to their debut release. View full article.


Scene Unheard Ep. 9

The Living Street  


They are Nick Guckert and Edward Angelo, the indie pop/folk duo who grew up together in Burrell, PA. From being friendly competitors to leaving other bands to form one of their own...they are The Living Street. We discuss how they started and where they're going, their one giant leap for bandkind.


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Katie Oltmanns – iHeartRadio | October 15th, 2018

The Local 913  

The Living Street are made up of two very long time friends from Lower Burrell, PA, where they found a supportive music scene. “There was a music scene. It was actually Natrona Heights, a place called Roundhouse, Roundhouse Pizza. Lots of local bands played there. We had to work our way in because I didn’t know anyone that played in the music scene.


Finally I made friends with a kid that played there and he got us a show there. The rest, as they say, is history on that.” That’s Nick Guckert of The Living Street, who along with his bandmate Edward Angelo, take influence from folk, rock and pop music. Guckert cites the band Fun. as an act that expanded his musical possibilities.

“I remember thinking that this was really cool, new indie music. I really thought it was an interesting take on music that I hadn’t heard yet. That started my whole fascination with indie music and looking up these bands. I didn’t realize that you could look up music that wasn’t on the radio- there’s all these other bands! It kind of opened up this whole world.” Play full interview.



Cindy Howes – WYEP | August 27th, 2018

Meg Fair – Pittsburgh City Paper | January 4th, 2018

Album Review 


On its self-titled debut, The Living Street presents nine sugary indie-pop songs ready to wiggle their way into your ear and refuse to exit. The pop duo, composed of Nick Guckert and Edward J. Angelo, plays with lyrical tone, from the bittersweet ballad “Not Waiting” to the bouncy, but lovesick, opener “Dying to See You Smile.” Whether a song is about falling in love or out of it, the sound remains poppy and upbeat, with one exception: the belted ballad, “This Time Around.” 

For fans of the pair’s earlier work, there is a slightly different version of “Some Days,” which was released in 2013 with their former band The Artless. But the version here is better situated alongside the quick poppy bites that make up The Living Street. Some of the most interesting songs on this record are those that lean more into the alt-radio pop vibe, like the album closer, “They Don’t Know Anything,” and the re-imagined “Some Days.” The Living Street is a strong debut for the duo, an album on which they’ve crafted some earworms with tremendous potential.  

The Living Street_Design 11_7_17.png